Were the werewolves are

Bulletforge is in the unique position of knowing where the werewolves in the United States are

How can you know that, you may ask?
As I'm sure you know, tracking werewolves can be very difficult. They kill you at first sight. They only come out during full moons, and at night.
Since they are so hard to measure, you need to measure another indicator of their location.
Logically, werewolves must exist where people buy silver bullets. Those people must have either seen them, or have some reason to believe werewolves are in close proximity.
To protect the innocent, locations are only shown by Zip Code and City. We don't want anyone going on werewolf hunts without more concrete data!

Some interesting patterns can be drawn from this data.

It is a given that were werewolves originated in the old world (Europe). So it should be no surprise that they are well established in the original colonies. They must have migrated fairly early in the nations development since they are so pervasive.
They seemed content to stay on the east coast for a long time. Plentiful food would be my guess.
When the finally did travel west, it seems they took a southern route through Texas. This might indicate that they did not travel with the wagon trains during their westward expansion but instead waited for some later event to go via the south.
Another idea, there seems to be a concentration of werewolf activity on the west coast. This is understandable due to the fact that Hollywood and San Francisco are there, but it begs the question, how and when did they get there?
A Logical conclusion would be that they waited until after air travel was established and skipped the midwest entirely.
That being said, and due to the lack of Northern expansion through areas like Montana and Colorado It may be inferred that they do not like the cold weather.
This data is only current through 2005. Since that time we do have evidence of activity as far north as Alaska!