Presentation Quality Silver, Gold and Jeweled Bullets

We specialize in making presentation quality bullets from precious metals.

Whether you need Silver Bullets, Gold Bullets, Platinum Bullets or a Hollowpoint with a diamond in it, we can create it.

Currently all of our Bullets are Inert. No gunpowder or live primers. Pictures at the bottom are clickable

Bullets are hand cast with solid sterling silver, solid fine silver or solid 14k gold All Bullets (except plated) include a velvet bag. Presentation boxes available.

Online ordering is up for everything except the presentation boxes and premium. Scroll down to the contact info for email and phone # if you would like to order any of those. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover,American Express, Cash and Money orders.

Most of our orders are custom orders, so don't be afraid to ask! Any bullet can be ordered as a bullet/necklace/keychain. Add it to your cart and from there select how you would like it.

If you need help choosing a bullet, feel free to drop us an email. For gifts, if they dress up like the lone ranger, or a like a cowboy, they probably want a 45 Long Colt round nose. Otherwise, our most popular silver bullet is the 44 magnum hollowpoint. It looks really nice as well. If they are in law enforcement, they probably use a 9mm or a 40 S&W. Retired law enforcement officers probably used a 38 special or 357 magnum.

We have returned! Now filling backorders and pursuing copyright infringers. As soon as those issues are taken care of we will turn on online ordering again.

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