Gold Bullet vs Silver Bullet Chess

The game of kings, with mondern armament. Who needs a horsey, when you have a silver 45 long colt at your side. Yes the pieces can tip over, but they are playable. We doubt that you will find a cooler chess set anywhere. To keep costs down, all pieces are either gold plated bullets, or silver plated bullets. If you really want solid bullets, well we could do that too.

silver bullet chess

Silver bullet Chess Piece Summary

King45-70, the king of blackpowder cartridges Queen.308 Curvey and vivacious
Bishop.223, Just looks like a bishop to me Knight45 Long Colt. The lone ranger's horse was named silver!
Rook50 AE Hollowpoint, perfect for a castle Pawn9mm, The grunt

silver vs gold bullet chess

The chess board has a storage compartment underneath to store your pieces when not in use

Pricing: Chess pieces with chess board $180.00 Chess pieces only, $130.00